The Secrétariat à la jeunesse


is an agent of change that serves as a bridge between ideas for and by young people and the means to reach them by acting as a spokesperson for partners who can relate to them.


The organization aims to bring together young people around projects that will enrich Edmundston, supporting youth events, increasing youth engagement and promoting entrepreneurship as a career choice for youth.

Development Officer

Martine Marchand

Mom, music enthusiast, scale, foodie, Instagrammer, coffee-powered, tattooed. Passionate about politics, a graduate of the Université de Moncton, a part-time artist.

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Julie Beaulieu

I am a colorful person, who loves to create and contribute, especially at the level of well-being. An entrepreneur at heart, I have owned my own business for a few years. Ultra social and committed, it is possible that you meet me everywhere!

Jacob Cassidy

Installed in the region since 2015, I enjoy discovering Edmundston. At first passionate about communications, my fields of interest extend well beyond this domain. I am open to exploring and getting out of my comfort zone.

Joanie Dubé

Biologist by training, I returned to my native region to contribute to the development of its environment. Passionate about arts, nature, and culture, I believe in uniting our forces towards the positive development of our city.

Jason Guerrette

Winner of several singing competitions and male finalist of Star Académie 2011. This singer-songwriter, a graduate in classical singing at the University of Moncton, leaves no one indifferent. He is the owner of Productions 11 Inc. and a founding member of the Electro-Funk Spoutnique group.

Jessie Guerrette

Passionate about the arts, my double life of teacher and singer fills me! I decided to move to the region to share my knowledge with my community and show young people that it is possible to live our passion in Madawaska.

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Samuel Leblanc

As a full-time student, I also try to balance my life by doing sports, getting involved in my community, or spending time with my friends.

Myriam Levasseur

I am registered dietitian for two years now. I am a woman who is passionate about wellness (training, diet, meditation and so on). I never stop; however, I always have time for a good coffee!

Salma Ould-dada

Originally from Morocco, freshly installed in Edmundston, I am passionate about communication and the discovery of the other. I like to feel useful especially in the social field.

Megan Ouellette

A native of Haut-Madawaska, Sales and Events Coordinator at Four Points & Convention Center in Edmundston. I am curious, traveler, lazy, pensive, chilleuse.

Andréa Pelletier

Full-time student in administration! Motivated and looking for new challenges! Always on time and in a good mood! Resident of the Rural Community of Upper Madawaska!

Kurt Pelletier

Passionate about cars and personal finances! Devote! Resident of the Rural Community of Upper Madawaska!

Elaine Roussel

Human. Tea drinker. Stimulates the economy by shopping often (shoes and others). Love straight lines and round figures. Never late. Part-time dictator, everyone's mother full time (even when they do not want to).

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President: Elaine Roussel

Vice-President: Joanie Dubé

Treasurer : Kurt Pelletier

Secretary : Megan Ouellette

In January 1868,

Sir Edmund Walker Head died. He who lent his name to the city of Edmundston was swept away by infarction. An advocate of the creation of Canada, he marked his era with his marginal ideas and daring. Imaginative, he will have left his mark.

Legend of the Unicorn

Following his death,

the soul of this British nobleman was condemned to return to the region which bears his name, to complete his work. In the form of a unicorn, a distinctive element of his coat of arms, he returns to inspire young people to finally release his spirit.

Go Edmundston,

it is a movement dedicated to pursuing this mission. Those who join it want to stand out and make a difference in Edmundston. For them, there is no doubt that young people play an important role in the development of their city. Join the movement!



97, rue de l'Église,
Edmundston, N.-B. E3V 1J6


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