Post-secondary Involvement

Entering post-secondary education is a big step in the life of a new student. This important passage can sometimes be exciting for some and can even provoke a great nervousness for many, which often leads students to isolate themselves and let their studies engulf them. By adopting this attitude, a student misses out on the best experiences of his postsecondary career. It is therefore by getting involved that students will fully benefit from their stay at the university.

Involvement is first and foremost continuous learning. It is by initiating new projects and taking the lead that a student develops his sense of leadership and organization, two key elements to succeed in his studies. This self-transcendence can be enormously rewarding, as well as recognized by the entire community.

The encounters we make by getting involved in our post-secondary institution become links created for life. Being in the company of like-minded people leads to long-standing friendships that will remain united, even if different paths are taken. In addition, it is inevitable that in making new friends, a student will be able to entertain, relax and think of something other than the stress related to the many jobs and exams

By getting involved, a student also has the chance to make contacts in his field that will serve as useful references. Involvement in postsecondary life makes it possible to stand out and distinguish oneself from others. Obtaining scholarships, integrating into the job market, and completing future projects will be easier when you have good contacts or references that can help us reach our goal quickly.

Finally, by getting involved during his post-secondary stay, a student makes it a lot more fun. Whether through the tools that will help him throughout his career, meetings that have allowed him to make new friends or contacts that will be greatly useful after his studies, the involvement enables all students to live a quality experience and bursting with entertainment. Thus, these few years will pass much faster and may be among the best years of your life.

Come on, do not hesitate and get involved!​

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