Why should you visit the Salon du livre d’Edmundston?

Since I was very young, it's important for me to attend the Salon du livre d'Edmundston. Whether it's by visiting the salon or volunteering with this beautiful committee. The Salon du livre is the first significant event in the region from the cultural point of view, and it should not be forgotten.​

Why should you visit the Salon du livre d’Edmundston? The Salon du livre is an event that makes you discover authors and new books. There are many conferences, talks and a café where everyone can benefit from something. Often, we do not go to an event because we do not have money to buy something or because the entrance is too expensive. Participating in the various activities surrounding the Edmundston Book Fair allows you to enrich yourself without tightening your belt.​

Finally, I invite you to come to see us, fill your head with words and images and make discoveries at the Salon du livre d’Edmundston from April 20th to 23rd.

Enjoy the Salon du livre and, above all, good reading!

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