The Secrétariat à la jeunesse is getting a new look !

Since its inception, the vision of the Secrétariat à la jeunesse has evolved considerably. Recently, we announced that board members had adopted a new, more open approach that reaches a broader audience. New vision ... so new image ... so new logo :)

We are proud to present you with a younger image that better represents our mandate within the youth of the region. The Unicorn was not chosen by chance, and it is not only for aesthetic reasons.

This fantastic animal is from the coat of arms of the City of Edmundston. On these, it refers to Sir Edmund Walker Head, a New Brunswick nobleman who gave his name to the city of Edmundston. He served as Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, Governor General of British North America, and spearheaded several major projects. Its bold nature and its propensity to think differently fit perfectly with the vision of the Youth Secretariat.

The unicorn is also a sign of youth and purity. It is an imaginary animal with a positive connotation. Who does not like unicorns? It's all cute, a unicorn! Seriously, at different places in Canadian culture, especially on the country's coat of arms, the unicorn is in the picture. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes peace and prosperity. It is also a pledge of power, primarily because of its horn.

Since the city of Edmundston is located in northwestern New Brunswick, the horn of the fantastical animal is pointing voluntarily to the top left corner, that is, to the northwest ... to everything, us.

The launch of this new logo is just the beginning of a significant milestone for the Youth Secretariat. Stay tuned in the coming weeks; we will have other surprises for you!

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