Celebrating the Holiday Season differently

There is no doubt ... the holiday season is upon us. If for some, this time of rejoicing is synonymous with festivities with family and friends, for others, it is an opportunity to be more generous than ever!

Why not both at the same time, because with the return of the holidays come also the evenings watered and Operation Red Nose. Have you ever thought about joining the team?

Dressed in red, like the iconic Santa Claus, the volunteers in the organization offer more than presents to wise children. They offer a safe return to the young and old who have enjoyed a well-deserved evening of relaxation.

And it's not because we do not drink that we do not have fun!

By participating in Operation Red Nose, you will spend an evening that you will be far from forgetting with your friends. You like to sing, laugh and have fun, even if professionalism is the watchword, nothing prevents you from having fun with your fellow volunteers and sometimes even with customers. They will like to tell you their evening and you will sometimes entitled to some funny moments!

Have you already used the service? It's time to give to the following ones. The 2018 campaign begins on November 30th.

So find yourself two friends, choose one (or more) night (s) and sign up ... you'll see, it's worth it.

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