I learned to love being a young mother ...

There is certainly no "ideal" age for having a baby, but as a young pregnant woman still in school and I was pretty sure that 19 years old was not the best age... at least not for me! I was convinced that I would never succeed, that I would ever get my university degree, that I would never have money and that I would never have a job that lived up to my expectations. Everything I had imagined for myself was slowly fading, leaving me frightened, without any certainty. Except, I had a baby growing in my body!

Today, as I look back, I realize how perfect this timing was ... excellent even! It taught me more about myself, about life and it also made me realize that becoming a mother at any age has advantages.

But especially that, yes it's very difficult, but do you know what, it's very doable! I had years to think about this, here are my thoughts ... Raising a child is a challenge, no matter what your age. It does not become "easier" Whether you have a child at 19 or at age 35, we agree that "there is nothing easy about it".

It's not as scary as you think

A pregnancy...let’s be honest, it's stressful - especially when you're young - but once your baby arrives, it all disappears! Tip # 1: Stop Stressing You!

Having an early child can have a positive impact on your career At the end of the day, you want to be a better person so that your child can have everything he needs, so that you will work ten times harder to reach your goals.​

You'll stop worrying about a lot of things that are really important to most young women

You couldn't care less that your friend got a new purse, with which guy she left the bar with or that she that she had a nasty hangover during her vacation down South. It's not that you're boring... or that you never do crazy things; some things seem like a waste of time and money!

You give up a lot, but you get a lot back

Because when I'm 40 years old... my son will be 20 years old. I think that sums up well ;-)

Your right to privacy is officially over

Forget those long hot bath in peace or even going to the bathroom... alone!

You still enjoy life

Your priorities are not the same as your friends, but you still have fun!

Do not compare

Stop it, now! Do not compare yourself, you do the best you can with what you have ... and that's enough!

Be nice to yourself

Do not forget to take care of yourself. Do not be hard on yourself ... Advice from a friend, relax once in a while, send your kids to the babysitter, do something for YOU!

Find a happy balance- balance your work, your family and your social life at the same time

It's possible, not easy, but very possible!

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